LEARN ABOUT worm farming and THE HUGE BENEFITS FOR YOUR GARDEN AND the environment

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Why should you have a worm farm?

Are you concerned about the environment or your carbon footprint? 

Food waste is the number one filler of landfills ¹  and home-based worm farms enable you to virtually eliminate your food waste! If everyone were to eliminate food waste in the landfill it would lead to a significant reduction in greenhouse gases, equivalent to eliminating 1 out of every 5 cars from the road ² !! 

Are you wanting to greatly improve the size and output of your garden all while reducing chemical usage and garden pests?

Worm castings are a fantastic soil additive, even better than traditional compost. Castings increase soil fertility leading to better seed germination and more flowers and fruit. It is safe for kids and pets. It increases the yield of your garden, including fruits, vegetables, and flowers. There is no odor. It is non-toxic and won’t burn your plants unlike chemical fertilizers. It also saves water usage, adds beneficial microbes to the soil, and can repel many pests that feed on the plants like aphids and spider mites.

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How the urban worm bag works more effectively and efficiently and traditional worm farms
Urban Worm Bag

The most effective home-based worm farm

One of the most effective methods of worm farming is using Continuous Flow Through (or CFT) bins, and the Urban Worm Bag makes it easy and affordable to utilize this process in your home or apartment! The Urban Worm Bag makes it easy to feed your worms and harvest the black gold castings that your worms produce! 

Click on the link below to purchase the Urban Worm Bag!

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